Preventing Mold After A Flood

If you’re trying to clean up a flooded house, be aware that you’re in a race against mold and bacteria, which can grow quickly in damp environments. Mold is especially dangerous for people with breathing problems caused by allergies or asthma. But high levels of mold can also cause problems for people who are relatively healthy. Symptoms of mold exposure include wheezing, shortness of breath, sore throats, flu-like aches and pains, and fatigue.

You have 24 to 36 hours to clean up after a flood to prevent mold and bacteria development. If you already have water in your home you’ll want to follow these tips to dry your walls and furnishings:


  • Turn off the electricity. Water, electricity, and human skin do not play nice together, please steer clear and turn off the electricity to your home before proceeding into the flooded area. Since it may be dark, you’ll want to have a high powered battery operated flashlight. New LED versions give you ample lumens and are priced affordably.
  • Using a gas-powered water pump, pump the water out of the area. The water pump will probably leave a little standing water on your floor, but will allow you to get back into your home. You can then try to fix your sump pump and have it pump the remainder of the water out or you can use a wet/dry vac to pump the water out. Remember to remove your vac’s filter if it has one as it’s not made to get wet and will be ruined by the water.
  • Remove all your wet items. This is painful, but necessary. Move everything out of your house that is wet to a dry location. Your garage or even your driveway to dry out will work out best. You’ll want to clear up ample space for the next few steps. Recruit help from friends and family for this step as you’ll be moving furniture and/or loads of boxes; either way you’ll probably have a lot to carry and help will get the job done quicker (you only have 48 hours).
  • Clean the walls and floor. Use warm soapy water and clean the walls and floors, be sure to give them a good scrub down to remove any dirt and grime. If you have soaking wet carpet, you’ll want to pull it up and let it dry separate by moving it in the garage or outside. You’ll also need to pull up the padding as well, since it acts like a huge sponge and holds a lot of water. Create a tent with the carpets and pads to help air travel over both sides.
  • Get the air moving and remove excess moisture. Once all the water is removed from the house you’ll need to produce some airflow to remove the excess moisture. Industrial blowers work the quickest, but if you are tight on money, then you can use fans, but they need to be powerful and close to the floor. You’ll also want to get a dehumidifier working to wick the excess moisture from the air. Be sure to change your dehumidifier pan regularly, as a flooded home will create a lot of air moisture and the pan will fill quickly.
  • Look for mold and return your items to the house. After a few days you know if you have mold either by seeing or smelling it. You’ll want to hit any moldy areas with a bleach solution to kill the spores. Once you complete that step you can have your carpets re-installed and you’ll want to rent a carpet cleaner to clean them as well. Then bring your furniture and other belongings back to the house.
  • Keep a dehumidifier and air cleaner in the house. The dehumidifier will keep moisture levels in check by creating a dry environment that naturally prevents mold. A HEPA air cleaner will grab any residual spores and other allergens and filter them out of the air. These two devices will ensure your home is a dry, cozy, and comfortable space for the entire family to enjoy.

It is also always recommended to get professional help because you may be too late on the inside. There are many experts to help you recover your belongings after a flood.

Asking for customer feedback, an advice from mystery shoppers

The concept of mystery shopping is a recent one and it involves an individual which is paid to visit a particular restaurant or a shopping mall or a bank for evaluation of the commodities and services provided by them to their customers. There are various mystery shopping companies which train their personnel in order to assess various aspects of the services that have different preference levels for different customers. Customer feedback is used to assess all these aspects. The US companies are the leaders of the world in providing the top-notch services to their customers as this trait has been noted by many mystery shopping companies around the globe. The negative impact of poor quality of the products and services offered is that the customers shift to the competitors without complaining which is not a good thing at all. The best way to gauge the products and services is to ask for customer feedback. Following are the most effective ways a company can ask for feedback from its customers;

1. Contact forms or Emails
Companies can ask for feedback with the help of emails they receive from their customers. However, they need to make sure that they respond the email and actually respond to the contents of the email by adding those services requested by the customers. This will develop a trust relationship and the customers will consider that their company really cares about their opinions.

2. Surveys and interviews
Developing an appropriate questionnaire for customer survey or interview is not an easy task to perform. The focus can derail from the main cause of this survey as there are plenty of questions companies can ask from their customers. To achieve the best companies must focus on the main goal of the survey or interview that is going to be conducted. The question must be open-ended but smart, and don’t mix up two or more question. In case of survey, keep the rating scales consistent throughout and don’t use leading tone or load the questions with too many ideas.

3. Product or service usability testing
This idea simply relates with actually giving a product in the hands of a customer and let it be used, keep an eye that which areas are troubling the customer for in the packing of the item ok or is it too much packed that the customer is finding it difficult to open.

4. Listening through social media
In today’s digital era social media cannot be ignored at any cost. This media help the companies to understand what is going on in the lives of the customers. At home with their families, the customers are most comfortable so reaching them out there would be most appropriate for getting more useful information.

5. Onsite customer activities
Companies can also evaluate the experience of the customers at their place as well. For instance, if too many customers are checking out the prices, it means that the products are price or maybe they are new to your place. This is the way of getting information without even asking anything from them.

Good suppliers play an effective role in the progress of any company. You also need to select your suppliers through careful assessment of each available option because different suppliers have different characteristics. Therefore, doing a little research will allow you to lay a solid foundation for your operations ahead. Selecting the best supplier option for your Air Conditioning Company includes a scrutinizing process similar to every other company who chooses its suppliers.

Identify the potential suppliers for your company

Get a list of all the suppliers in the industry mentioning all their attributes and select a few that match most with your criteria.

a. Do consider the new suppliers in the market – Keep a close eye on the new players in the suppliers market because these new suppliers might have new technology to offer, they will offer lower prices in comparison to the older ones and they will be more flexible in their contract terms and conditions.

b. Follow a specific supplier selection process for the older players – As far as the old players are concerned a particular supplier selection process is followed. This process includes scrutiny of references of these suppliers, their financial status, availability of capacity, ability to follow the specifications and their quality assurance certifications.

c. Create a list of pre-qualified suppliers – This is called the supply base and the list will be referred whenever it’s time to award short-term contracts for your AC Company. In this manner there will be a competition for the contract award and the supplier who meets your requirements more consistently will win your contract most consistently as well.

Request for information

After a list is developed its time to contact the suppliers in a formal manner and ask about their goods and services. This may include a price quote, or general information about the products offered.

Negotiation process

This process involves different offers made by the suppliers to you and vice versa. Whatever is given up by one party is gain for the other one.

Terms & conditions for contract

After gaining all the intelligence about the market and getting the price quote the next step is to decide the contract terms. This include the payment and non-payment conditions, service level, specifications, quality standards and duration of contract.

Evaluation of each option and award of contract

After carefully analyzing each option and getting all the information and negotiations you will choose the best supplier for your Air Conditioning Company.

Monitoring suppliers

The process does not end at the contract award, in fact the real process has begun because you have to assess the performance of your supplier and more importantly, critically evaluate your company’s supplier selection process.

In short the most common criteria to choose the best supplier for your Air conditioning Company are;

i. Previous experience

ii. Past performance

iii. Quality Assurance standards certifications

iv. Potential capacity

v. Ability to meet the specifications

vi. Financial stability

vii. Availability of technical support

viii. Track record for improvements

ix. Time & Cost efficiency

x. Professionalism in business dealing

Leak from a faucet, flood from mother nature, pipe burst, whatever it may be, water damage restoration is a process that needs to be keenly observed to prevent mold, weakening of structures, or altogether ruin. While I have included a do-it-yourself list, consider calling experts like United Water Restoration (a national company) or Dan Dan the Carpet Man or Ecos, these experts can save you time, money, energy and ensure the best resurrection of the instance.

If you need a quick fix or on a tight budget try some or all of the things below:

  • Evacuate and discard floor covering immersed with “dark water.” Remove and discard rug cushioning soaked with “grey” or “dark water” (no special cases).


  • Floor covering cushioning can be restored in the event that it has been wet from clean water under 48 hours and if just piece of the cushioning in a room is wet.


  • Floor covering soaked with “dim water” may be cleaned by an expert utilizing a biocide, permitting suitable contact time, and utilizing the heated water extraction cleaning strategy. (Other cleaning systems including spongy compound, hood, dry froth or cleanser are not satisfactory and can redistribute pollution).


  • Significant zone carpets ought to be cleaned by an expert. Broad cleaning and a biocide application ought to be utilized. Carpets must be restored to a clean condition. In the event that this is unrealistic, then they must be disposed of.


  • Washable area rugs more often than not can be cleaned satisfactorily in a clothes washer with heated water and a biocide. For additional huge limit programmed washers, utilize 1½ measures of chlorine blanch per load. For standard (substantial limit) programmed washers, utilize 1 container for each wash load. Know that this amount of chlorine dye may influence the shading in the mats.


  • Floodwaters can taint a private well. Try not to endeavor to wash area rugs until you know your water is not polluted. Rapidly evacuate any furniture that may be damaged or cause stains or damage to the floor covering.


  • Cutoff movement over the wet floor covering. Dampness can debilitate the latex sponsorship and strolling on the rug can bring about the support to particular. At the point when the support dries, it recovers a large portion of its unique quality

Home Health Care or Non Medical Home Care?

The noteworthy distinction between home care insurance versus non-medicinal home care is the level of therapeutically skilled care directed by the home human services staff. Home wellbeing is the consideration given to patients at home by therapeutically prepared and authorized experts. It is a different option than a nursing home or clinic to recover overall wellbeing and autonomy. There are tons of companies that offer this service, for instance, Granny Nannies.

In-Home consideration permits people to age at home by offering custodial care, homemaker administrations, in-home consideration, and friendship services. Relatives, private parental figures, or guardians utilize home consideration offices, an authorized organization that holds a Home and Community Support Services License give the consideration at home.

Home wellbeing targets are recouping patients who are sick with an unending condition like heart diseasae or an intense,chronic condition like surgery for a hip substitution, or any injuries. Home medicinal services allows early release from a clinic, decreases doctor’s facility affirmations and helps with fast recuperation. It’s less costly, more available and as powerful as consideration from a healing center or gifted nursing office.

Your Best Option:

Home care services is commonly picked when a man leaves a healing center, talented nursing office or restoration after an inpatient sit tight. Home medicinal services advantages seniors with prescription changes needing observing and instruction on potential reactions. For instance, it works best for people with decrease in physical offering so as to work physical and/or word related treatment in-home to help with recovering autonomy.

Tending to people requires some assistance with exercises of every day living like dinner readiness, cleaning house and laundry. Transportation to and from medical checkups, shopping, and errands. It’s accessible fleeting and utilized after a doctor’s medical stay bringing about constrained versatility. For this situation, recuperating from surgery, one needs both, home wellbeing, and in-home consideration administrations.