Businesses can hardly take off without a cofounder of a team. Picking a business partner that you can put your trust in is instrumental for the success of a business. But before you turn your soul mate into your business partner measure the chemistry. First decide if you need a business partner. If you are a freelancer and are fine with it, then there is no need to think of a business joint venture. You need a partner only when you need investment or effort. Sometimes you may have the investment but need faithful hands to run your business. In such cases, a soul mate can help. Here a staff does not work, and only a partner can help.

Think from the aspect of who can take over the company in your absence. If you can get a trusted name in your mind, then he/she can become the co-founder of your company. Remember that your personality and skills have to overlap as in a Venn diagram. Just a little but not too much. Once you understand the trick, the selection is easy. Despite knowing your soul mate better it is important to conduct background verification. Run a credit check and other research before adding them to your business circle. There is nothing wrong in being a secret agent to find out their hidden secrets. The soul mate partner should have some explanation for sharing the same passion as yours. In case, you find it convincing he/she could be a partner in your strat-up business