It is very true that you have no clone, but there is always a chance of finding someone who is capable of judging you better and whose words matter to you a lot. Understanding each other’s personality before allotting tasks can be advantageous. Do not step into other’s boundaries and do not let your soul mate do that to you as well. Writing a job description can help identify your goals. Being in a business start up with your soul mate can avoid micromanagement as the relationship is built on faith. The world of entrepreneurship is completely different from your personal life. The passions and goals have to meet for the business to succeed. This is a rare combination, and not all soul mates crack a business together.

Sometimes starting a business with soul mates fails especially when the financial aspect is not satisfied. Moreover, welfares like medical and other benefits are not covered in a business. Analyze the legal aspects before considering a tie-up with your soul mate. Keeping the records clean can work well for both partners. There is nothing wrong in giving your ideas a shot before being rejected. The success of any business relationship is to maintain decorum in the office. This can create a cordial work environment, especially for colleagues to interact. With better understanding over a period of time the gap between personal and professional relationship shrinks making the soul mates comfortable in both areas. End of the day maturity can help overcome start-up frictions.