Are you considering starting a business with our soul mate? Wondering if it is a good idea to do business with your loved one? The answer would be yes and a no. There are successful couples that have made it possible and there are yet other than silently bear the brunt of a failed business and relationship. Many do not want to spoil their picture perfect relationship by bringing in the business aspect to it. But for yet others life is all about being a gamble. If you are caught in the right situation then everything could go right, else you end up losing everything. But remember the stakes are high.

Indulge into a start-up business relationship only if you are clear about your roles and vision without compromising on the values. You and your soul mate are ready for a business venture if you share the same values and consider your relationship more important than your business. Also, it is important to work on your personal relationship. If you are confident that you would still get into the business with this person even though he/she is not your soul mate is the deciding factor for a start-up business relationship. A start-up with your soul mate can work if you share the right vision and values.

Unless you mutually agree on the values, you cannot cut on conflicts. The most important attribute is to keep grounded even if things go wrong. If you are prepared for this challenge goes ahead and signs on the dotted lines.