Combining marriage with business is not new as it was practiced in our traditional society as well. There are thousands of soul mates that have become co-preneurs. The appeal of doing business with a soul mate can be attractive. Knowing each other for a long time though could be beneficial while running a business. Remember that spending a few hours together and being with each other for the entire day could be different. You need to work on a fresh script if you consider working with your soul mate.

Co-preneurship starts on the basis of trust and who could be more trustworthy than your soul mate. With complete faith in your business partner, it is easy to concentrate on the core business. Business is all about support since you have compassion for each other it is easier to face business challenges by being on each other’s side facing challenges and downfalls alike. Since you are familiar with the skill sets of your soul mate, it is easier to delegate.

There are three possible demerits of starting a business with your soul mate. The first being personal finances. Start a business only if you have financial resources. Both of you getting into a business with proper financial backup could be perilous. Soul mates that start with 50-50 business partnership do not succeed a things do not work out that way. Hierarchy is essential for any business, and this is application while working with your soul mate as well. Normally the balance between work life and professional life has to be maintained to overcome the painful proximity.