Many are at crossroads when it comes to starting a business with their soul mate. It is definitely not a path of roses, well for that matter, starting a business with an outside is also not without its problems. Some enjoy the challenges of building a business together and have also succeeded in this endeavor. There is no doubt that work life is a source of happiness in our marriage. But there is a huge difference between loving a person truly and being compatible with them professionally. Work and life are two different ball games. Business experts feel that not having work compatibility with a person you believe to be in a strong relationship is contradictory.

Personal complementary and professional complementary do not relate to one another. While considering a start up ensure that there is not much of redundancy. If both of you share the same skill set, it could prove to be detrimental to the success of the business as there are chances of running into conflict with one another. This can only leave you judging each other’s work turning each other passively aggressive. Too much of similar skill set can only throttle the productivity of your business. Similarly even if skills don’t overlap there are chances of failure.

With no skills in common, both tend to function like islands. Each one following different strategies will only ruin the business interest. This can lead to miscommunication and ruin your relationship. The perfect choice would be to stick to your respective strength. As for overlap is concerned get involved in a constructive debate.