Living together and working together could have immense advantages. Since each one is aware of the strengths and weaknesses of the other it helps to take the business forward. Instead of attacking each other, it can help understand your soul mate better. No two people are made alike. Hence, it is important to know that different skills can contribute to business. Do what you are good at; there is nothing wrong in agreeing to the fact that you are bad at certain things. Say for example people with good accounting skills may not be good in PR. Do a SWOT analysis of you and your soul mate and demarcate territories. Give them complete freedom in whatever they do. Holding on to the reins can only hamper the progress of the business. Just like how you trust your soul mate when it comes to sharing your life, practice the same in business.

Some soul mates despite having a harmonious married life may not succeed in business simply because they overlap each other’s terrain often. When money is involved insecurity creeps in, and this makes you overly secure about your business activities. Controlling your better half on the matter related to business can cause stress in your married life. If you do not enjoy working together, it is always better to call it quits before your relationship turns sour. While sharing your business with your soul mate identify your talents and skills. Appreciate the skills of your spouse and hand over relevant responsibility to your soul mate.

Remember time management is an important skill that needs to be practiced by both. If your business and personal life overlap then it could turn into a disaster. Give time for your personal life and do not bring in business here. Having a balanced time chart can help manage time better. Yet there are times that certain promises may not be fulfilled on the personal side, but since both are in the same business understanding each other become easier.