The success of running a family business is to ensure that it does not ruin the marriage. Also, remember that doing business with your spouse may not be romantic as you think. There are three cardinal rules to be maintained while running a business with your soul mate. First understand the role and responsibilities. The best way to operate a business in style is to demarcate the roles and responsibilities. This also means that none should interfere in the roles of the other unless there is a crisis. The roles have to be allotted based on your strengths and weakness. If you have good PR skills, then take care of brand building. If you are good in finance, take care of accounts. Ensure that there are clear lines marked and only the outcomes are discussed. If you both of you are weak in a particular area, hire people to take care of it.

Communication is the key, keep silent after a fight doesn’t work in business. Keep the lines of communication open to discuss business. Patience is one attribute that can work in favor of your business. Speaking about your business to your friends can help vent your feelings and can work positively for business development. The success of your business lies in the strength of your business. Regular counseling sessions could add to the strength. Self leadership can help. Manage your life and business by not making it a burden by taking up leadership responsibilities. These rules can help run your business harmoniously with your soul mate.

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