Jumping into business with your soul mate could turn out to be a miracle or disaster depending on how well you understand each other. The experience of being in business with a husband or wife could be tremendously rewarding at a time and in other ways could be a total failure. Balancing life and business can come easy while you have your soul mate as your partner. Inc magazine reports a column by Cadoux Hirshberg on Balancing Acts. It talks about the extremities of marriage especially while starting a business and how beneficial it would to honor and report to your spouse. The whole column talks about business soul mates from a woman’s point of view. The unwritten rule while running your business with a soul mate is that there is no scope for emotions in business.

Women are often victims of emotion and finding a balance between business and soul mates have always being a challenge for them. When it comes to dealing with everyday operation and cash flow emotional attachments will not work. The best way to run a business smoothly with your soul mate is to start doing things on your own than expecting your spouse to do it. This can help strengthen the relationship and can work progressively for your business. Giving sufficient room to grow could be the cornerstone of a successful business relationship especially when it is with your soul mate. Some of the rules include knowing who the boss is and not you always. Patience and practice can help breathe business success and hold the relationship upright. Also, the late rule is to separate business and personal life.

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