Asking for Customer Feedback – Advice From Mystery Shoppers

Asking for customer feedback, an advice from mystery shoppers

The concept of mystery shopping is a recent one and it involves an individual which is paid to visit a particular restaurant or a shopping mall or a bank for evaluation of the commodities and services provided by them to their customers. There are various mystery shopping companies which train their personnel in order to assess various aspects of the services that have different preference levels for different customers. Customer feedback is used to assess all these aspects. The US companies are the leaders of the world in providing the top-notch services to their customers as this trait has been noted by many mystery shopping companies around the globe. The negative impact of poor quality of the products and services offered is that the customers shift to the competitors without complaining which is not a good thing at all. The best way to gauge the products and services is to ask for customer feedback. Following are the most effective ways a company can ask for feedback from its customers;

1. Contact forms or Emails
Companies can ask for feedback with the help of emails they receive from their customers. However, they need to make sure that they respond the email and actually respond to the contents of the email by adding those services requested by the customers. This will develop a trust relationship and the customers will consider that their company really cares about their opinions.

2. Surveys and interviews
Developing an appropriate questionnaire for customer survey or interview is not an easy task to perform. The focus can derail from the main cause of this survey as there are plenty of questions companies can ask from their customers. To achieve the best companies must focus on the main goal of the survey or interview that is going to be conducted. The question must be open-ended but smart, and don’t mix up two or more question. In case of survey, keep the rating scales consistent throughout and don’t use leading tone or load the questions with too many ideas.

3. Product or service usability testing
This idea simply relates with actually giving a product in the hands of a customer and let it be used, keep an eye that which areas are troubling the customer for in the packing of the item ok or is it too much packed that the customer is finding it difficult to open.

4. Listening through social media
In today’s digital era social media cannot be ignored at any cost. This media help the companies to understand what is going on in the lives of the customers. At home with their families, the customers are most comfortable so reaching them out there would be most appropriate for getting more useful information.

5. Onsite customer activities
Companies can also evaluate the experience of the customers at their place as well. For instance, if too many customers are checking out the prices, it means that the products are price or maybe they are new to your place. This is the way of getting information without even asking anything from them.

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