Your start-up soul mate may be just waiting to be identified. A soul mate could be a family member, your best friend or even a new friend you found on a social networking site. Despite having shade of difference, you can ring the rhythm by fighting against the odds. Remember that during the early venture there is a lot of hard work and support needed and who could be ideal than your soul mate. But identifying the startup accelerator is not without its hurdles. Before locating a business partner first understand yourself better. Identify your aims and resources. Not just your soul mate but the team behind them is vital for the startup’s future. It is important to detect their habits early especially ones that do not match your goals.

It is a mutual relationship, and a soul mate should connect with the right resources. Similarly, you should provide the best guidance on your expertise to your soul mate. A startup business soul mate may not always rely on equity, sometimes it may be contacts or referrals. Find out what your soul mate wants in return for their effort and guidance. Communication is vital to keep the relationship alive. Demarcating expectations could be of strategic advantage. Everyone has weaknesses, ensure that your soul mate help in translating your weakness into the asset. The relationship should reap benefits; else there is no value in adding your soul mate as your startup business associate. Never trust a soul mate that lacks commitment, this could become the ultimate recipe for failure.